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  • How Do We Teach 9/11 to Those Who Don’t Remember It?

    How Do We Teach 9/11 to Those Who Don’t Remember It?

    In his condemnations of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s remarks about 9/11, President Trump offered his followers the taken-for-granted aphorism: “We will never forget.” Yet, for those of us engaged in scholarship on national security, U.S. racism or U.S. foreign policy, we have for years encountered college-aged students who cannot actually remember September 11. This fall, students […]

  • Mourning Manchester: Forging a New Politics of Grief

    We are all grieving the children lost in the suicide bombing of a concert in Manchester this week. The global media is remembering these young lives, lost in an unimaginably brutal assault. They have names, faces, personalities, friends, preferences, histories and families. We see their community members weeping for them. We see their loved ones […]

  • Teaching Against Islamophobia in the Age of Terror

    It’s unsettling to teach about Islamophobia in our current political climate. As many worry about a lurking terrorist attack or the erosion of a pristine America by Muslims, calls for surveillance and exclusion abound. In an age-old American cycle of xenophobic nativism, Muslims are rendered the obvious threat, put in the impossible position of exonerating […]