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  • “How the War on Terror obscures America’s alliance with right-wing Islam”

    “A more comprehensive framing of Islamophobia would ask as its central question, “What if?”  What if, for instance, every Muslim attempt towards worker dignity, land reform, and resource autonomy had not been met by the crushing foreign policy consensus in Washington?  What might have flourished for Muslims in an Afghanistan or Indonesia not targeted by […]

  • Islamophobia, the Surveillance State & U.S. Wars of Aggression on the Socialist Program

    How does the relentless U.S. war machine sell its operations to the public? Dr. Nazia Kazi, an activist and professor of Anthropology at Stockton University, explains how the managers of the U.S. empire foment Islamophobia and other racist ideas at home as an integral part of waging war abroad. Dr. Kazi challenges theories of racism […]

  • 9/11 attacks: Why young Americans know nothing about the ‘war on terror’

    Dr. Nazia Kazi, associate professor at Stockton University, explains how schools in the US leave young Americans knowing very little about the events that led to the 9/11 attacks and the devastating US-led ‘war on terror’ that followed

  • “What We Forget” The True Legacy of 9/11

    “What We Forget” The True Legacy of 9/11

    20 years after the events of 9/11/2001, an entire generation has come of age who are too young to remember them. A 2019 study asked college students what they knew about the events of September 11th… read more on The Nib, link above.

  • What Does It Mean to Decarcerate Campus

    The past several months have brought questions about the role of policing into public conversation. Calls to “abolish” prisons, “defund” police, and build “police-free schools” have raised many questions about public safety and crime prevention. Join us for a panel discussion and Q&A about the central demand of the Movement for Black Lives of defunding […]

  • Interview with New Books in Islamic Studies

    Nazia Kazi’s Islamophobia, Race, and Global Politics (Rowman & Littlefield, 2018) is a brilliant and powerful meditation on the intersection and interaction of Islamophobia, racism, and U.S. imperial state power. This book seeks to reorient our understanding of Islamophobia from a phenomenon centered on individual attitudes and perceptions of hate, to one which is indelibly […]

  • Racism and Islamophobia: The Politics of the US War Machine

    Listen here: On today’s episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker and John Kiriakou are joined by Dr. Nazia Kazi, an activist and professor of Anthropology at Stockton University. Dr. Nazia Kazi has a new book out called “Islamophobia, Race and Global Politics.” It’s published by Rowman & Littlefield and is an introduction to the scope of Islamophobia […]

  • Book talk, Rutgers School of Law, 2019

    This is the excerpt for your very first post.

  • “Against Sytemic Ignorance” on DemocracyNow! – In the aftermath of several terrorist attacks over the weekend that involve Muslim suspects, we speak with professor Nazia Kazi of Stockton University about her latest article for The Chronicle of Higher Education, “Teaching Against Islamophobia in the Age of Terror.” “The U.S. war on terror would not have been possible without a […]

  • Teaching Against Islamophobia in the Age of Terror

    It’s unsettling to teach about Islamophobia in our current political climate. As many worry about a lurking terrorist attack or the erosion of a pristine America by Muslims, calls for surveillance and exclusion abound. In an age-old American cycle of xenophobic nativism, Muslims are rendered the obvious threat, put in the impossible position of exonerating […]